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Experience Cherokee Culture & History at our Attractions in Cherokee, NC

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Learn about Cherokee Historical Association

Cherokee Historical is a non-profit organization founded in 1949 to preserve Cherokee history and culture. We are located in the heart of the Cherokee Cultural District in Cherokee, NC.

Cherokee Historical Vision

Is to be recognized as a national treasure that tells our Cherokee story through many offerings which are authentic, educational, sustainable and enhances public awareness of human rights.

Cherokee Historical Mission

Is to share Cherokee history and culture and to tell the triumphant story of the Eastern Band of Cherokees with the world. We do this through excellence in the arts, education, living history and cultural preservation.

We accomplish our mission through the operation of two cultural attractions. The Oconaluftee Indian Village living history site, and the renowned outdoor drama “Unto These Hills.”

“Unto These Hills” is one of the nation’s foremost outdoor dramas. Debuting in 1950, our show has been performed for over six million visitors.  From the first contact with Europeans to the infamous and tragic Trail of Tears, “Unto These Hills” tells the triumphant story of the Cherokee through the eons.

The Oconaluftee Indian Village transports you back in time to a living, working Cherokee Village of the 18th Century. Here, centuries-old techniques for survival have been passed down from generation to generation and preserved in this living history site.


Join us for Educational & Fun Cherokee Cultural & Historical Experiences!

Amazing Show

This outdoor drama was extremely well done. Everyone involved in the production did an excellent job. Everyone we encountered was friendly and helpful. We purchased our tickets online ahead of time. The show is very moving, educational and still entertaining.

– Shanon D. | Tripadvisor
Very powerful

Staff was very helpful (sister in a knee brace). Music before the play was very enjoyable. The play was well done; the part of the marching on the trail of tears was very powerful and made me cry. Well done, informative. Would highly recommend.

– Catherine D. | Tripadvisor
Living History!

This outdoor drama was amazing! They took history and made us feel like we were living the events along with the Cherokee Native Americans. A great way to teach children and adults about the history of North Carolina. Be sure a wear a jacket or take a blanket. It gets chilly during the performance!

– Amy D. | Tripadvisor

This outdoor drama is phenomenal! I'm so thankful they went back to the original version that I remember from childhood. All of the actors are very good. I highly recommend this play!

– KK | Tripadvisor
Great performance

We enjoyed the performance. The play tells the story and history of the Cherokee. The performance was an entertaining was the present and learn the history of the Cherokee

– Karen I | Tripadvisor

A great drama of the history of the Cherokee in NC. We had visited the Museum of the Cherokee before seeing 'Unto these Hills' and that was very helpful in understanding the history being portrayed. I'd recommend both, as well as the Oconoluftee Indian Village.

– RosieJC | TripAdvisor
Top entertainment.

Preshow great and outstanding production. All staff were very helpful and friendly. Very conscious of making event top notch for me audience. Dance, history, music great.

– Cathy K | Tripadvisor
Wonderful presentation

Love that they’ve returned to the ‘original’ drama. Very thought provoking. Concession stand workers, ushers, parking assistants were all wonderfully friendly and helpful. Highly recommend to all.

– 654swood | Tripadvisor
Excellent play

My husband and I and two kids ages 11 and 13 all enjoyed the play very much. It was the first time for the three of them. I had seen the play in my teens and it was just as impressive as I remembered it. The story really takes you back in time. The history and story of the Cherokee is very moving. The actors do a fantastic job.

– Melinjax | Tripadvisor

This play was excellent. The actors were amazing and the story obviously heart breaking. Reading about history in a book is much different than seeing in played out in front of you. I would highly recommend everyone visiting Cherokee make time for this.

– Heather C. | Tripadvisor
Dracula show at unto these hills

I came here for the Dracula show and let me tell you I loved it. The actors were excellent. I loved that the show was outside. The prices were awesome. Everyone that worked there was Soo friendly. I recommend this show to everyone. Again it was Soo good.

– jlltiger | Tripadvisor
Great tour!

We very much enjoyed our tour. There were four of us (2 adults/2 children). Our guide, John, was very knowledgeable. I’ve been here before, years ago, and it’s always an educational and enjoyable experience! We were even able to see some of their dances.

– Samantha R. | Tripadvisor
The Cherokee life

Extremely knowledgeable guide. Truly enjoyed hearing spoken traditions. The dancing that was demonstrated was wonderful - as it too demonstrated centuries old traditions. A living-breathing museum

– nwalkers | Tripadvisor
Living History

My husband and I had a wonderful time during our visit. We learned a lot about the Cherokee and it was wonderful to see them demonstrate skills such as weaving, woodcarving and beadwork. It was also fascinating to see the example of a village. Everyone was very friendly and knowledgeable.

– Shannon D. | Tripadvisor
Best place ever

Me and my wife in 10 year old daughter enjoy yourself very very much it was so exciting and breathtaking. My little daughter had a ball she enjoyed it very much and learned a lot about the Cherokee Indians. Would just like to thank you all for everything and hope the play keeps going for many more years

– jimmybrew1 | Tripadvisor
Great facility

Home to "Unto These Hills". Great facility, good seats. a few steps. Need better shelter for rain, as is a open amphitheater. Would and intend to go again!!

– James w | Tripadvisor
Loved it!

the outdoor drama was wonderful; and for an outside theater it was great. It had rained earlier and the staff made sure our seats were dry. The production was wonderful, and very well acted.

– Darcia W. | Tripadvisor

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